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Telephone/Fax No.: 2390923

email: dbyes@depedmandaluyong.org

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History of Doña Basilisa Yangco Elementary School

Long before, Doña Basilisa Yangco Elementary School was the forerunner of Isaac Lopez Elementary School and bulk classes in the primary level held in different houses leased by the local government because of the non- availability of a lot to where a school be built. But because of the late Don Pedro Yangco Uytioco’s benevolence, he donated 1,562 square meter, DOÑA BASILISA YANGCO. Thus after the collective vision to build a school right within the community, a ground breaking was held in early 1976 and an inauguration happened on October 5, 1976.

Along the years, additional buildings have been built. The seven teachers became 15 to cater the ever- growing enrolment every year. Two Kindergarten class was formed. Other facilities have been added to likewise meet the constant changes brought about by modernization and the same time to face the new challenges of a greater educational system. So, in 1991, the Abalos type building was built under the initiative of the Mayor Benjamin S. Abalos, Sr. The existing 2-storey, 12 classroom Neptali Gonzales type under the sponsorship of Senate President Neptali A. Gonzales Sr. was constructed in late 1994.

Exceptional distinction is also bestowed to the principals who provided the guiding supervision in their own unique and unparalleled ways which includes:

Sylvia C. Liwanag ( 1976-1981),

Remedios Soledad (1981-1988),

Remedios R. Olavidez (1988-1993),

Corazon S. Mayoya ( 1999-2002

Wilhelma O. Baustista (2002-2004)

Emma G. Arrubio (2004-2005)

Dr. Alyn G. Mendoza ( 2005-2006)

Romeo E. Bandal (2006-2008),

Carmencita I. Gonzales (2008-2010)

Nimfa A. Matabang ( 2010-2011)

Manuel A. Laguerta (2011-2012),

Dr. Corazon R. Regino (2012-2015)

Dr. Elizabeth A. Reyes (2015-2017)

Josephine C. Emperado (2017-2019)

Pompio B. Floro Jr. (2019-2020)

Rosie A. Casono (2020-Present)