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Message from the Principal

Dona Basilisa Yangco Elementary School (DBYES) has historically demonstrated competence and integrity in delivering its commitments and responsibilities. Named after Dona Basilisa Yangco, DBYES was built at the heart of Barangay Namayan and was inaugurated as an independent school on October 5, 1976. As a learner-centered public institution, DBYES is committed to a culture of excellence in delivering quality basic education.

I believe that the most important resource of our country is its people, and together with the teaching and non-teaching staff, we make the task of educating the DBYESian child our singular mission. We assist DBYESian learners to discover their full potential in a child-centered and value-driven teaching-learning environment and thereby, enable them to create their own destiny in global community. We prepare them to become responsible citizens and enlightened leaders who love their country and are proud to be Filipinos.

We provide a school system where teachers, non-teaching personnel, stakeholders and school head are one and united in achieving the desired learning outcome not only because we are empowered, competent and accountable, but because we care. We remain true in our mission to spread love, knowledge and inspiration. The family, the community and other institutions actively support our efforts to provide quality basic education that is equitably accessible to all and lay the foundation for life-long learning and service for the common good.

“Every DBYESian learner deserves a champion – a teacher who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and inspires that they become the best they possibly be.”


Doña Basilisa Yangco Elementary School is situated at Barangay Namayan. It was instituted thru the efforts of the people led by Barangay Counsel Don Pedro Uytioco who owned more than a half of Barangay Namayan donated 1562 sq. meter landwhere the school is cited. Later on, last October 5, 1976 it was finally inaugurated as an independent school.

Thus after all the joint efforts, generous, initiatives and wholehearted willingness of the residents who have a collective vision of building a school right within the community, a ground breaking ceremony was held in early 1975. By April of that year, the construction of a 4-room prefabricated Marcos Type Building commenced. After seven months, on October 5, 1976 DOÑA BASILISA YANGCO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL was inaugurated. Since then, DBYES became an independent school from it's mother unit, Isaac Lopez Elementary School at Barangay Vergara, commemorating the 5th of October as its foundation day.


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