Monthly Activities

June- Opening of Classes

July- Nutrition Month Celebration

August: Buwan ng Wika

September: Science Month , Teachers'Month

October: World Teachers' Day, United Nation, Foundation Day Celebration

November: Mathematics Month, Children's Month, Book Month

December: MAPEH Months, Edukasyong Pagpapakatao Month

January: Early Registration, Scouting

February: Mr. and Ms. DBYES

March: Recognition

April: Graduation

May: Brigada Eskwela, Oplan Balik Eskwela


One of the activities in the month of June is the GPTA General Assembly. This assembly enable the stakeholders such as teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and mostly the pupils to be familiarized with the existing rules and regulations that the school has been implementing.

This activity also gives an opportunity to the parents to meet the teachers and non-teaching staff.


Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month Celebration is a great occasion that should be given importance as one of the solutions to the Nation’s issue on hunger and malnutrition. School as being the main ground of children’s different activities and molder of youth is the best place to reach all concerns and spread the nutrition message or increase awareness regarding hunger issues and the possible solution to gradually solve this problem.

In connection to this, DBYES celebrates the Nutrition Month with the theme “Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit - for Life!. The teachers headed by the school principal, Dr. Elizabeth A. Reyes, and the school coordinator, non-teaching, pupils and parents of Dona Basilisa Yangco Elementary School actively celebrated the whole Nutrition Month.

On July 3, 2017, the launching of Nutrition Month began with a parade and followed by a simple program. Some activities and contests were provided like slogan making, poster making, nutrition quiz, nanay chef, lectures on best food to serve, nutrition and wellness tips. The celebration ended on July 31, 2017 by a culminating program.


A. To promote health awareness.

B. Encourage to reduce overweight and obese pupils.

C. Encourage food industry including farmers, producers and distributors and food establishments to produce and make available healthier food options to consumers.


Ang Buwan ng Wika ay isang pagdiriwang sa Pilipinas na ginaganap tuwing buwan ng Agosto. Ito ang pinalawig na pagdiriwang ng Linggo ng Wika na pinalawig noong Enero 15, 1997 sa pamamagitan ng Proklamasyong Bilang 1041 ni dating Pangulong Fidel V. Ramos. Kadalasang ipinagdiriwang ang Buwan ng Wika sa mga paaralan. Kaugnay nito, maraming mga kaganapan ang ginagawa upang ipagdiwang ito, gaya ng sabayang pagbigkas, balagtasan, paggawa ng slogan, paggawa ng mga sanaysay pagbigkas ng mga tula, pagsasayaw ng mga katutubong sayaw at pag-awit ng mga katutubong awit.


National Science Month refers to series of science-related events for the general public which are held in a specific countries during a designated month of the year. The aim of such science month is to engage and inspire people of all ages with science, engineering and technology.


The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. It is currently made up of 193 Member States. DBYES is one in celebrating the worldwide event.


Doña Basilisa Yangco Elementary School celebrated its 42nd Foundation Day.


Book of the Month is the best way to discover and read the best new books each month.


Mathematics Month celebrated every month of November. School math typically focuses on learning procedures to solve highly stereotyped problems. Professional mathematicians think a certain way to solve real problems, problems that can arise from the everyday world, or from science, or from within mathematics itself.

DBYES celebrated Math Month with the theme: "Math Drives Career". It started with a parade around the community. Different activities are provided to make this celebration more engaging and interesting like sudoku contest, rubics cube contest, tessellation making contest, poster making contest, slogan making contest, doll house making contest, tower building contest and Math amazing race contest. As a result, DBYESians rank 2nd Place Over-all Champion in the Division Math Fest 2017 held at Mataas na Paaralang Neptali A. Gonzales last November 2017.

School math typically focuses on learning procedures to solve highly stereotyped problems. Professional mathematicians think a certain way to solve real problems, problems that can arise from the everyday world, or from science, or from within mathematics itself.


One of our heroes said that, “The Children are the Hope of the Nation”. Since they are the future and hope of our nation, we must educate and mold them holistically. Let us not forget that they are still in young age, they need our full guidance and attention. Let us not take away from them the enjoyment of being a child wherein they can learn first-hand experiences of their love while they are enjoying. Let us instill in their minds their rights and role as child.

In support to the celebration of children’s month with the theme, “Bata, Iligtas sa Droga”, SPG officers and the adviser planned for the activities suited to the children. It was approved by our supportive principal, Mrs. Josephine C. Emperado. All winners in the different contest showcased their talents. This is also the time where winners received their certificates and tokens from the GPTA officers. With the full support of GPTA, teachers and SPG officers, the celebration of the Children’s Month is truly a big success.


“HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas! Here we are at Christmas time again Everyone tells you a Christmas is a wonder time filled with happiness, love and friendship. The Christmas holiday that marks a time of sharing memories with family, friends and co- workers is around the corner. It is an excellent idea to make and send a Christmas e-card and share your creativity with friends and family. Every year most families usually a very nice date , and usually passed with all members of the family. Young children are very excited.

Even before the month of Dec. arrives, Christmas songs are already being played in the radio or in the malls and Christmas trees; lights and decors are already sold in the market. This is how early the spirit of Christmas can be felt in the Philippines.

For some countries, Christmas is only day celebration during the month of December, but not in the Philippines. Out of all the number of festivals celebrated by Filipinos, Christmas is the longest one to be celebrated.

Celebrating Christmas here is one thing that this country will always be known for celebrating Christmas not only for one’s self but for the whole country as well.


To prepare for the opening of School Year 2018-2019, the Department of Education (DepEd) will hold an early registration starting late this month. DepEd has set January 27 to February 28 as the period for early registration from Kindergarten up to Grade 12 in all public elementary and secondary schools. DepEd said the early registration aims to “reach the expected number of students” for the coming school year.

The early registration will also enable it “to better prepare for and be able to address the possible issues and concerns” it will face in June.

The early registration ensures that all five-year-olds are enrolled in Kindergarten, and to locate, identify, and enroll out-of-school children (OSC) and youth (OSYs) who are in remote areas or difficult circumstances.

DepEd noted that the initiative also covers learners with certain exceptional which require unique learning interventions. It noted that the early registration also “seeks to understand the barriers to access education, and identify local solutions or interventions to bring them to school and ensure that learners do not drop out.”

Meanwhile, school personnel are also expected to hold various activities such as house-to-house campaigns, and meetings with local and barangay officials and civic organizations to help find children who should be in school


The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.


The most anticipated yearly event of our school organized by the General Parents and Teachers Association (GPTA). It aims to raise a fund for the projects intended for the school and for the welfare of our pupils. This year Mr. DBYES is Sean Cedric V. Venezuela and Ms. DBYES Allayssa P. Ebin both from grade 5-1.


It is important to create recognition programs that honor all types of students, especially those who might not normally receive acknowledgment for their efforts. School administrators will find great pride in discovering the numerous ways students should be recognized.


Doña Basilisa Yangco Elementary School hold its 41st Graduation Ceremony last April 4, 2018